At 58 years old Heather Mead grandmother of four, decide that there wasn’t many gaming apps on the market for people over 50 that were easy and fun to play. So she started her own business and developed her first gaming app for Android IOS devices with great success

Heather believes being engaged in meaningful recreational activities allows us to meet some of our most basic needs. Such as socialisation, sense of accomplishment, sense of purpose and play. As well as our need for cognitive and physical stimulation, recreational activities improve quality of life for people 50 plus along with their health and well being.

On her first day working for Bupa, she started thinking about how to go about developing a gaming apps that are specifically for the 50 plus. As she is studying on a BA Hons in Health and Social care with the open university she reached out to them for advise as to how to go about developing a gaming app and as she had no coding abilities they advised her to contact a app developer which she did.

She found Easy Apps Business who have experience in developing gaming apps, After a long conversation about her idea for a set of six games in total they sent her a proposal within half an hour. After looking at the proposal and with their advise of starting off with a simple game, as she was self funding the gaming app Easy Apps business team went ahead and developed it.

The game is a colourful simple fish game the fish swims across the screen and you have to tap on it before it reaches the other side. There is a score box and a timer to see how many fish you get and how fast a time you get them in.

There is an easy level medium level and hard level after every 5 fish the game gets quicker. The Fish game has sea sounds to help with relaxation while playing the game.

The game is competitive in design to encourage interaction for the over 50’s between family, friends and across the generations as children can also play it.

The idea of the fish game is to

  • test reaction time
  • challenges and exercises the mind
  • helps to improve and maintain cognitive skills such as
  • attention
  • memory
  • logic and reasoning this can
  • stimulate auditory and visual processing

The fish game is part of a brand called Retro Games Plus and can be found on google play and apple store as Retro Fish Game or under cognitive games.

Retro games have a Facebook page with a link to the game and its the place for players to give feedback. It also has a website where you can read what the game is designed to do.

Click here to download the apple app

Click here to download the android app 


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