One of the most important factors in choosing eyewear which you love, no matter whether for day-to-day, business or a special occasion, is that it feels authentic to you.

But let’s face it, choosing glasses can be a nerve wracking and intimidating experience. Knowing which pairs suits you is not straight forward and with so much choice these days, it’s difficult to navigate your way through the process.
It’s hard truth to swallow but most of us will need glasses by the time we are 50 due to the natural ageing process, and some of us will already be wearing glasses before reaching this age.
But for those who want to look smart, stylish and confident – especially in their retirement – they may struggle to find glasses which they like or which chime with who they are or want to be.

A study by undertaken by Boots UK* found that 1 in 4 of over 20,000 women surveyed, avoided wearing their glasses despite being prescribed to them because they make them feel old, unfashionable and unconfident!

Yet from my experience as an optometrist, optical business owner and fully qualified eyewear stylist, I am increasingly seeing how the glasses I am helping my clients choose are transforming lives, giving confidence and increasing self esteem.

Not only this, my clients don’t just buy one pair of glasses, they frequently buy multiple pairs with a beautiful bespoke eyewear wardrobe in which to keep their precious collections. Rather like you would with beautiful jewellery or a prized shoe collection!

How to Fall in Love with your Eyewear

I often find that many people are dissatisfied with their choice of eyewear and in particular, the lack of help with fitting and styling the frames. So much so that they just don’t wear them properly, or wear them at all! Frequently I meet clients who’ve had a bad optical experience and are either left with buyer’s remorse, or worse still, are too ashamed to wear their specs! This is not only bad for their eye health but also terrible for our confidence.

At Style Optique, my specialised eyewear styling optical boutique in the Midlands, we pride ourselves in turning glasses wearers in eyewear lovers & helping our clients fall in love with their eyewear and themselves!

‘All my life I have longed for a pair of glasses that express ME and I was not disappointed. The collection here is amazing.” Sue Poynton

Eyewear Style

We all have our own unique style personality which dictates our individual tastes & style choices.

I offer my clients a personalised one-to-one eyewear styling consultation which focuses on helping them find eyewear to suit their unique style personality.

Typically my clients fall into one of the six style personalities. See if you can recognise yourself in one or more of these below. Does your current eyewear truly reflect who you are?

Creative: artistic, exploratory and unique.

You are drawn to clothing and eyewear that is different. Your look may vary from vintage to eccentric. You likely have a rebellious streak & you are not a trend follower.

Eyewear: Experiment with unusual colour combinations, quirky shapes or retro vintage styles. Go ahead and break a few rules! Create your facial work of art by investing in different pairs in alternative shapes and colours to match your ever changing moods!

Dramatic: bold, striking and fashion forward

Your wardrobe is filled with your latest fashion buys and you love to be noticed when you walk into a room.

Eyewear: It’s all about the drama – the bolder and more dramatic the better. Fashion forward, oversized, strong shapes and statement pieces that you’ve seen on the red carpet will appeal to you. Try a brightly coloured, upswept or oversized angular design which are edgy and dramatic.

Romantic: feminine, pretty and detailed

You just love the whole idea of shopping and getting dressed up. Leaving the house without makeup and hair would NEVER happen. You love wearing pretty clothes, florals, detailed jewellery, glitz and sparkle!

Eyewear: It’s all about the detailing; softer feminine shapes, lighter colours and eyewear with intricate detailing. Florals or a little glitz and sparkle will also make you feel like a queen. Enjoy the process of discovering different pairs to coordinate with your varied outfits or accessories.

Classic: timeless and classic

You like to be well dressed and smart but not draw too much attention to yourself. Being fashionable/ on trend is low on your list of priorities. Sometimes struggle to dress down and fear looking a little old fashioned.

Eyewear: timeless and classic appeals to you. You will feel comfortable in eyewear with clean lines, classic shapes and neutral colours. But do remember to try and update your look once in a while as you can risk looking old fashioned! Try a day pair and something more special for the evening. Don’t be afraid to try on a pair that’s out of your comfort zone, in a bold colour or shape. You may be pleasantly surprised at how different it makes you feel!

Natural: relaxed, casual and comfortable

You typically lead an active lifestyle, love the outdoors and spend a lot of time in casual/ sportswear. Accessories- they are for function only! A back pack or winter woollies and boots to keep you warm. Your hairstyle is easy maintenance and make up is minimal and for the evening only.

Eyewear: active lifestyle, robust and substantial. Try heavier weight metals and plastic or materials which flex and bend. Colours of nature like forest greens, sea blues and earthy browns may appeal to you. Don’t forget wrap around sunglasses for when you are playing sport or a special occasion pair lighter weight pair with just a little detailing for going out.

City Chic: elegant, sophisticated and current

You are always perfectly dressed for the occasion and admired for your seemingly effortless, chic style. Quality is of extreme importance to you and you will buy the very best you can afford. Your wardrobe is full of investment pieces and latest accessories. You love to accessorise to keep your look current and may spend more on your accessories than your outfit itself!

Eyewear: class, quality and is understated yet current. Try simple, understated shapes and colours in high quality, smooth finished metals and acetates. Look for chic designs with just a hint of individuality, dash of colour or a unique etched design.

Eva Davé is a leading Image Consultant, Eyewear Styling Expert and Optometrist and business owner of the successful, multi-award winning optical practice, Style Optique.

Style Optique is a multi award-winning luxury Eyewear Styling Optical boutique, which provides expert & friendly style advice plus the most beautiful, exclusive eyewear in the UK.

To book an eyewear styling consultation, call 01630 652945 or email and ask to speak with Eva or Sam Davé. Alternatively visit the website

*Boots Survey:

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