Monday 27 May 2019
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Embrace comfort & colour this autumn with styles for swollen feet

With its dramatic colours, crunchy leaves and crisp sunny days, autumn is a wonderful time to get outdoors. But if you suffer from swollen feet and can’t find footwear to fit, getting out and about can become impossible.

Luckily Cosyfeet has a range of stylish footwear that’s specially designed to fit and flatter swollen feet, so you can make the most of everything the season has to offer. Roomier than anything on the high street, their shoes, slippers and boots for men and women are exceptionally wide and deep but still look like ‘normal’ footwear.

New shades and styles for autumn

Reflecting the rich, warm tones of autumn, Cosyfeet have introduced some fabulous new seasonal colours, including Cranberry, Caramel, Damson and Dark Teal, as well as some exciting new styles.

Tipped to be bestsellers for autumn 2018 are their new women’s boots, Megan and Markle. Thanks to their stylish design, on-trend colours and hidden depth, you wouldn’t know that they are specially designed to fit swollen feet. Megan has a soft, faux-fur lining for extra warmth while Markle has a stretchy side-panel which won’t put pressure on swelling or bunions.

Ready for the great outdoors

Cosyfeet also has a collection of 100% waterproof footwear for men and women that’s breathable and windproof to ensure your feet stay warm and dry. Specially designed to fit swollen feet, these styles have a shock-absorbing, cleated sole that offers good grip underfoot so they’re perfect for walking the dog on rainy days. Choose from boots (Livingstone for men and Moose for women) or shoes (Stanley for men and Minnie for women).

Snuggle up at home

When the days and nights turn cooler, there’s nothing better than cosying up at home. Once you’ve kicked off your outdoor shoes, why not snuggle up with a pair of Anna, their new premium, sheepskin-lined bootee for women. Luxuriously soft and warm, it has a 100% pure wool upper that gently moulds to the shape of your foot. It’s also cushioned underfoot and virtually seam-free, so it’s bliss for swollen, sensitive feet.

For men, there is warm-lined Robbie, a snug and supportive wrap-around bootee. It has a touch-fastening strap that adjusts to fit swelling and a removable footbed to give you even more depth.

Enjoy autumn occasions in style

Perfect for autumn weddings, christenings and parties, is Cosyfeet’s collection of dressy shoes. Daisy-Mae, in new Metallica, is ideal for fitting feet with a swollen instep, while Darby for men is a handsome, extra roomy brogue that’s the perfect partner for formal wear.

Complete your comfort with Cosyfeet’s socks & hosiery

If you suffer with swollen ankles and legs, take a look at Cosyfeet’s exclusive range of extra roomy socks and hosiery. Made with more material throughout, they fit swollen feet and legs with ease and are easy to get on and off a swollen foot. Look out for their diabetic-friendly socks which have a smooth join at the toe along with a comfort top that won’t dig in or restrict your circulation.

Is Cosyfeet right for you?

If you have swollen feet and you can’t find footwear to fit, Cosyfeet can probably help. They have a No Quibble Money Back Guarantee and Free UK Returns so why not give them a try.

All their styles have the same extra roomy fitting (6E for women and 3H for men). But don’t worry if you don’t know your width fitting as most of their styles are very adjustable and can cope with a range of foot shapes and swelling. Thanks to their extra width and depth, they can also fit bunions, problem toes, bandaging and orthotics.

Cosyfeet don’t recommend measuring your feet as it’s very difficult to get an accurate measurement, especially if your feet are swollen or mis-shapen. Most customers find that if they order the same shoe size they wore before experiencing swelling (e.g. size 6), their footwear is wide and deep enough to provide the extra room they need. If you have very swollen feet, they offer strap extensions on most of their touch-fastening styles. These lengthen the straps, giving you even more room.

Quality materials and workmanship

Cosyfeet footwear is made by experienced craftsmen, who mix traditional skills with the latest technology. They use the highest quality leathers and fabrics along with advanced foot comfort technology to give you the best footwear possible.

Endorsed by the experts

Over 11,000 health care professionals, including podiatrists and occupational therapists, recommend Cosyfeet. They are also recognised by the Healthy Footwear Guide, a collaboration between UK footwear brands and foot health professionals.

Are you eligible for VAT Relief?

If you need extra wide footwear due to a chronic condition, you may be eligible for VAT relief. For more information, and to browse Cosyfeet’s extensive selection of extra roomy footwear, socks and hosiery, visit or call 01458 447275.

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