Premium Brand VCR VHS Video Players

Electrovid offers a fully refurbished VHS Player unit from one of the largest brands in the UK. You have the option to choose a preferred brand or alternatively let us choose for you. Each unit is fully refurbished including internal inspection and a thorough head clean. The outer case is treated with cleaning products that remove dust, aged stains and remove any remaining glue substances from stickers and decals.


Electrovid’s VHS to DVD DIY Kit

Electrovid offers a fully refurbished VHS & Video Player unit from one of the largest brands in the UK. In addition to this you will receive one of our VHS to DVD Kits, this will give you the ability, in three easy to follow steps, to record your VHS tapes onto your computer or laptop and then directly onto DVD, IPAD, IPhone or Smart Device.

  • Convert any Video Tape (VHS) To DVD
  • Works with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (inc. 64Bit support)
  • Easy To Use “Step-By-Step” Functionality
  • Edit Your Transferred Videos To Remove Commercials & Unwanted Sections
  • Burn Your Transferred Video to DVD or Video files and Play them on your iPhone or Smart Phone
  • Includes All Needed Cables For our Players

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Electrovid, Units 9 & 15 Brindley Road, St Helens, WA9 4HY

Q & A from ElectroVid

Can I Still Buy a VCR?

Since the late 2000’s you can no longer purchase new Video Recorders. You can purchase them second hand on eBay or other marketplaces, but these often come without warranty and service. Companies such as Electrovid offer fully refurbished players/recorders with money back guarantee, warranty and free technical support from £39.90.

Visit www.electrovid.co.uk or call 01744 322 694.

Do VCRs work with modern TVs?

Most modern TVs will have one SCART Socket or a composite (red, white and yellow) that VCRs will connect to. If your TV doesn’t have this socket you can purchase SCART to HDMI adaptors that will work around this update.

Can I Copy my VHS tapes onto DVD or modern formats?

The simple answer is yes. You have several options that vary in price, there are companies who will transfer your old tapes onto DVD this will normally cost around £20 per tape (4 hours). This can be costly if you have several tapes to transfer and will cost more if editing is required. Electrovid however offer options from as little as £69 that will enable you to convert unlimited amounts of VHS yourself with a simple step by step process.

Can I obtain Remote Controls for old video recorders?

As this technology does get older the remotes are often the first thing to fail. If you purchase a refurbished unit from Electrovid it will arrive with an updated remote control that will function the same as the original.

I have an old VCR that no longer works, can I have it repaired?

Years gone by there used to be a Television and Video repair shop in every town or village, unfortunately many of these have now closed. If you want assistance with a VCR you already own, please call Electrovid on 01744 322 694; one of the trained technicians will discuss if your fault is economically repairable if not replacement Video Recorders start from as little as £39.90.

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