Friday 24 May 2019
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Electric Bikes – A New Way Of Cycling

electric bikes a new way of cycling

Electric Bikes – A New Way Of Cycling

Achy knees, exercise induced asthma or general mobility issues may have brought your cycling career to an early end. But now there’s way to get back out on the open road safely and effortlessly.

What do you picture when you think of an electric bike? Up until recent years, the idea of a battery-powered bicycle was much more appealing than the reality of using one.

Primitive batteries, bulky metal frames, and even weightier price tags made them more of a novelty than something you could use every day.

Technology has come a long way since then, and electric bikes are now more popular than ever. The only difference is, it’s harder to tell them apart from ordinary bikes!

Modern, smart and versatile

Thanks to some very clever design and engineering, electric bikes have reached a stage where they look and feel just like ordinary bicycles. The idea is that you can cycle under your own steam as you’re used to, and when the going gets tough, flick the switch and let the electric motor do the work for you!

Let’s use the Fenetic Sprint Electric Mountain Bike as an example of how this technology works.

fenetic sprint electric mountain bike

At first glance, it is no different to any other high-end mountain bike. It has hydraulic disk brakes front and rear, 24 speed Shimano gears, lightweight aluminium frame, and front suspension to list but a few of its features.

It is without a doubt a very capable machine. Now look a bit closer, and you will notice a few crucial differences.

Powering electric bikes

Buried cleverly inside the rear wheel is a 250w electric motor. This is the motor that is used to power the rear wheel. It doesn’t require the use of a throttle to get going, simply pedal as you normally would, and the electric motor will kick in and propel you along at a leisurely 15mph for up to 30 miles!

Sitting neatly where you would usually find the water bottle is the Samsung lithium ion battery. You don’t even notice it is there under normal cycling conditions. Similarly to a water bottle, simply remove the battery when its time to recharge.

Moving up to the handlebars and you’ll find everything you normally would, with the addition of a nifty little screen displaying speed, battery life, temperature, and distance covered.

fenetic sprint electric mountain bike handlebar controls

The handlebars are also where you will find the ON/OFF switch and easy to use buttons for selecting your desired power level.

Even with the electric motor and lithium ion battery, the bike weighs in at just 21kg, less than your average non-electric mountain bike! This makes it a legitimate option for those who want the freedom of traditional cycling, with the safety and convenience of electric.

The Fenetic Sprint Electric Mountain Bike is the latest bit of hi-tech kit now available through the Fenetic Wellbeing website, with a whole range of electric bikes to choose from – differing in price, style, and features.

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