The living room is a room in the home where we spend a lot of time. It is a room to relax in, entertain, nap, chat, snack, and play. So as it is such a varied room, and is used by all members of the family, it can face a lot of wear and tear. Living room updates may be needed more often than other rooms in the home, just because of the amount of times that it is used. Where do you start with living room updates, when you’re just looking to add in some changes that can update and modernize the space? Here are some ideas to get your creative living room ideas flowing.

Rearrange the furniture

Before you start to invest in any new items of furniture, it could be a good idea to rearrange some items of furniture. Having a different layout, and seeing things from a new point of view can make the room feel like new. Of course, not all living rooms are going to have space to move things around, but if there is a little wiggle room, then it can be worth a try. You could move furniture from walls to create a divide if you have a multi-functional space. You could use artwork in a different way, or reposition where you put your TV. 


New focal point

If you want to update and modernize the living space that you have, then it could be a good idea to create a new focal point in the room. You could choose something like an Inset electric fire for the wall, or in an existing fireplace. You could move a TV into a different room, or put a coffee table somewhere else, rather than it being the main focal point in a room. When you mix things up a little, it helps to make the room look different, like new, fresh, and more modern. What new focal point could you have in your living room? 


Photo or art wall

If you have a space that is looking quite dated, then one simple way to update the space could be by creating a photo wall or an art wall. This is where you pick one wall in the room to have as a feature wall. When you have a feature wall, then it could be a new focal point, see above, or it can be a way to update a wall without having to redecorate. Choosing frames of different sizes can be a good way to work it, but it does help if you measure it and lay it all out on the floor first, before putting any nails in the wall.


Add color with plants

Adding plants into your living room is a great way to add some color, as well as creating different shapes. They can quite literally breathe some new life into a new space. Houseplants don’t have to be expensive either, but you should do your research to see which will suit your room best. If you have quite a dark or shady room, then it would be best to avoid some plants, while others would thrive. 

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