Monday 16 September 2019
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Downton Abbey Competition!

KOVA PR works alongside the community to give access to exciting opportunities that the film industry has to offer. They have been working with Universal Pictures UK to produce some free fantastic material to accompany the release of the long awaited for movie, DOWNTON ABBEY – in UK cinemas September 13th. It is a great opportunity to get together with friends, go and see the film, and talk about it afterwards! Find the free resource here!

In the film, we return to the Great House with the most illustrious guests the Crawley family could ever hope to entertain, their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary. With a dazzling parade and lavish dinner to orchestrate, Mary, now firmly at the reins of the estate, faces the greatest challenge to her tenure as head of Downton.

The calibre of the visitors causes quite a rumpus below stairs too and cracks begin to form in the usually well-oiled machine. Mary pleads with the retired Carson to return to the house, just this once, to oversee this most significant event but not everything goes to plan. The loyal Downton staff must pull out all the stops in order to ensure success and that the place they are proud to call home is presented in its greatest light.

The King and Queen bring with them a lady-in-waiting whose own story will prove explosive to the Crawleys and the future of Downton. The arrival of royalty is not a coup for all though: as an erstwhile Irish republican, Tom Branson’s political sympathies get him into trouble. Inspired by Branson’s republican stance, Daisy starts her own revolt in the kitchens and when Thomas is forced to take a step back by Carson’s return, his indulgences during his newly found free time lead to misfortune.

The sisters weather this latest disruption as best they can, but when The King offers Edith’s husband Bertie a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it causes conflict between them. When Violet reveals some surprising news, it becomes clear that Mary must make some important decisions, for herself, for her family and for Downton Abbey.


WIN – a limited edition 3D puzzle of DOWNTON ABBEY. To apply please fill in the boxes below and YOU could be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize!
*Competition ends 31st October*

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