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In our experience, downsizing is driven by retirees who want security, safety, convenience and companionship in their later years. Downsizing is often a term used in relation to the practical side of moving – freeing up a large home for a family that needs it more than you do in exchange for a more suitable abode where you can feel safe and comfortable.

However, we should also address the human side of the issue.  For anyone who has gone through it, buying and selling a home is a large undertaking. Often complex and undoubtedly time-consuming, it can be especially traumatic for older homeowners, who may have lived in their family home for decades, raised their children in them and can be reluctant to upend their lives and memories. My own elderly mother is a case in point. She lives in a house that is far too big for her on her own, yet she is so daunted by the prospect of downsizing that she probably never will get round to it.

These are just some of the issues we need to address. With over 25 years of experience in the retirement property market, dealing with around 2,500 enquiries each month, we know that in order to make downsizing work, it is crucial to offer empathy and a way forward that suits last-time buyers just as much as first-time buyers.

We must make the transition as seamless and easy as possible for older homeowners. Recently, we have seen our part-exchange service becoming increasingly popular among sellers who are looking for a quick and less stressful transaction. This involves exchanging a percentage of the property’s equity for a guaranteed sale within a set time frame, taking away the possibility of collapsed chains and long, drawn-out negotiations that can be extremely stressful and time consuming. It’s a simple service that our customers have found invaluable. They tell us that, at a highly emotional time, having one less thing to worry about is certainly a relief.

If you’d like to find out more about our part-exchange service, RHS Assured, you can contact our part-exchange specialist, Reanne Newport on 01425 632215 or email

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