Many people decide at some point that they need to downsize. It might be in the physical sense such as selling your home and buying a much smaller property. This could be for financial reasons where you can save on mortgage payments and bills, or just because you no longer need the big family space if children have left home or circumstances have changed. Other people consider downsizing from a more minimalistic point of view, where you downsize the amount of stuff you own and keep. Enabling you to feel more grateful for what you do have. This can also help with your mindset and can be a huge part of a whole lifestyle change. But, for whatever reason you decide to downsize your life, there are obstacles that need to be addressed. I thought I would share with you some of the common hurdles you can come up against and how best to combat them and move forward with your plans. 


Finding the right place for you

If you are downsizing your home physically and want to have a smaller place because there are less of you or for financial reasons you may be looking at how you can do that. Finding the right place for you is key. Downsizing will be such a different chapter for you to navigate, and being used to more space might be a hard adjustment to get used to. There are many different options that you can consider. It might be that you look online at properties for sale in your chosen spot or look at specific areas where you might want to live and find smaller houses with less bedrooms. There are also bungalows that are smaller and easier, if you are getting older perhaps you don’t want the stairs in a property anymore. Finding the right place is important, so take time to research the areas you want to live and what are non-negotables on your list. The more you focus on this, the happier you will be with your decision. 


Downsizing your house, but what about some of the stuff you want to keep?

A lot of people like the idea of downsizing their home to reduce costs and outgoings, and it can make total sense to do that in later life, when children have left home or simply for a better quality of life. But, while doing that you then have the harsh reality of going through your things. Deciding what to take and perhaps what to get rid of. You may end up selling things online, donating to charity or to friends and family, but you may come across things that you just don’t want to part with but haven’t the space to keep in your new home? This is when storage units could come in handy. Enabling you to keep those items, keepsakes or furniture, without having to clutter up your new home or part with them. It can be a hard process of elimination, but knowing you have an option could make the decision process a little easier. 


How to decide what stays and what goes?

Sometimes downsizing means you just want to eliminate some of the clutter in your life. Many people can be guilty of keeping things for those “just incase” moments, perhaps holding onto things because it has some memory attached to it, or even things like clothes where you hope one day you may fit back into them. Often when it gets to a bad point, you start to consider downsizing your life and helping to clear your mindset in the process. However, minimalism can be a tough process to go through. After all, how do you really decide what stays and what goes? It can be as simple as asking yourself a few questions. Do you love it? Do you need it? Answering yes to any of those questions means that it is worth keeping. You will find that you may need to do this a few times in order to minimise your life completely. But downsizing in this way can be hugely beneficial in the long term. Not only to keep your home in order, but also help you to stay on track mentally. 


It isn’t just about downsizing physically

It is also worth remembering that downsizing doesn’t always mean that you need to downsize your property and where you live. You could also downsize your life in other ways. You could start with friendships or acquaintances. Maybe they are having a negative effect on your life. Or you feel like you are being taken advantage of. Iot could be you downsize your things, and not necessarily need to move, but look at decluttering your life and living more minimalistically. We all know that when our lives are full and busy, it can often mean that our mental health can be affected. Downsizing your life in different aspects could help you to feel happier moving forward. Downsizing can also be done digitally. Many of us have thousands of pictures on our phones or computers, but do you need them all? Digallty decluttering can be very therapeutic. It can help you to streamline your working environment and also be more organised. You could put photos into albums, delete the random screenshots you don’t need, and even organise files on your computer. The more you organise this part of your life, the more calm you might feel. After all, we spend a good chunk of our lives online and using our devices, so to have them organized and less cluttered could help. Perhaps it could be the goal for 2021. 

Many of us will have goals that we want to set this year, and downsizing our lives could be some of the ways that we can really help ourselves in the new year. The more we focus on our mental health and wellbeing, the better things could be. Let’s hope that this helps you to be more clear on downsizing if you find yourself considering it for 2021. 

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