Do you worry that if anything happens to you or a family member in their home that your friends or family may not know for quite a while?

This clever device, designed and built in the UK by 3K Electronic Designs Ltd, can sense if there is no movement where there is normally for a set period of time and automatically send a text message to a friend, family member, carer or neighbour to let them know. It can also send them a text if the temperature falls too low which the occupant may not be aware of.

The Kingfisher Alerter is a discrete wall mounted sensor measuring only 2 ½” square (86mm x 86mm) which will notify a contact by text if there is no motion in a person’s property during a certain period of time, giving peace of mind to the occupant and to their friends and relatives.

Many people worry that should they feel unwell, they may not be able to summon help or be contacted for some time. Most people have a fairly fixed routine when waking in the morning, such as a visit to the bathroom or to put the kettle on in the kitchen, if this movement is not detected, the Kingfisher Alerter will automatically send a text to a nominated contact as shown opposite, such as a neighbour, carer or friend who can then discreetly check that all is well.

It can be programmed to take into account the fact that the occupant will be asleep during the night, and will normally be active during the day. If no motion is detected for a certain preset time the unit will send a text alert to the contact.

It could be that the person isn’t feeling too well and wants extra time in bed, cannot get out of bed for whatever reason or has fallen badly during the night, but the contact could then ensure all is well by calling or visiting.

The unit also monitors temperature, so if the room temperature drops too low, it could indicate a fault with the heating of which the person might be unaware. Likewise, too hot might also indicate a fault in the heating system.

Advantages & Benefits of the Kingfisher Alerter

● Peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe in their own home
● Privacy is maintained with no cameras or microphones
● SOS button allows subject to quickly call for help without a phone
● Speak with a family member rather than a call centre
● Passive system needs no log-in or checking by a supervising person.
● Maintenance free. Sits quietly and only alerts if a problem is detected.
● No passwords, WiFi or internet access required
● No need to wear pendant or wrist band
● Check for movement and temperature anytime by text message
● Free delivery within the UK mainland
● SIM card included
● You own it outright, there are no monthly charges.

We have limited stock, so order now by clicking the link below, it’s safe and secure.

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Mobile top up may be required. Usage will depend on how many alerts are sent and mobile network charges.

For a one-off payment of just £119.95 with no monthly payments and free delivery within the UK mainland, the Kingfisher Alerter will give you, your relatives and friends peace of mind in the knowledge that should anything untoward happen that you will be informed.

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