The company prides itself as the first EVER supplier of front fastening underwear in the world. Clip-Knix is clip-on underwear that will increase independence and preserve dignity for millions of people who experience limited mobility and the elderly. This long-awaited solution is unique, indispensable and revolutionary.

Clip-Knix makes attractive, front-fastening underwear that can be put on easily without the need to bend or balance on one leg. Clip-Knix underwear reduces the risk of injury and allows wearers to be independent. Manufactured with soft, aesthetically pleasing stretch fabric for a perfect fit and ultimate comfort, simply place Clip-Knix in position and clip!

Product description
Our cleverly designed underwear solution enables the wearer to clip underwear on and off at one, two or three front-fastening locations with the choice of buttons or hooks to suit a wide range of needs.

Clip-Knix knickers are practical, stylish clip-on knickers that are designed to make living easier. This practical and stylish high-quality underwear range is not only durable but offers a truly ergonomic solution for those who don’t have the physical ability to bend or stretch to put on their underwear – just clip in place.
There are six colours available: white, black, cream, blue, green and purple and 8 sizes from size 8 to 22.

About the Company
Funmi Lawal was born in England and had a stroke soon after childbirth at the age of 35. She experienced first-hand how reduced mobility can rob an individual of independence and dignity. Funmi comments, ‘I couldn’t walk, bending down was painful and putting on underwear felt like a battle’. As a result of the stroke, she developed kidney failure which led to dialysis and eventual transplant in 2011. Funmi saw a chance to help people with limited mobility and has spent years designing and testing clip-on knickers that will ultimately transform the lives of millions.

Clip-Knix works with a manufacturer in Europe and Asia that has experience of producing very good quality lingerie. The designs and the trademark are registered in the UK and worldwide. Patent applied for, expected in August at the latest. Company Registration: 11573533

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