Monday 27 May 2019
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Category: Health & Fitness

learning about dementia

Learning About Dementia

Learning About Dementia Each person experiences dementia differently so it’s helpful to sort the condition into stages to help detect the...

arts and culture improves health

Arts & Culture Improves Health

Arts & Culture Improves Health It’s official. Doing more art and culture is good for your health, a new research study shows. The...

history of hearing tests

History of Hearing Tests

Hearing tests nowadays have become so advanced and successful that people are diagnosed with hearing loss a lot sooner than they ever have...

surcare hand care winter

5 tips to revive your hands this Winter

Five tips to revive your hands this Winter Now is the perfect time to get back into healthy habits and pay additional attention to your...

managing the menopause

Managing the Menopause

A natural part of a woman’s life in her latter years, the menopause is a time when a woman’s oestrogen levels will decline, and she...

vitamin D Pharma Nord

A Focus on Vitamin D

A focus on vitamin D – how the ‘sunshine’ vitamin can improve your health It’s Vitamin D Awareness Week (19th – 25th...

cancer, diet and our immune system

Cancer, Diet & our Immune Systems

Cancer, Diet & our Immune Systems Scientists and clinicians have long been interested in the role that our immune systems have to play...

Dr Lynda Shaw explains the importance of sleep on our brain and to our pyschological health

The Importance Of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep to the Brain and our Pyschological Health By Dr Lynda Shaw 1.Uninterrupted Sleep Our brain works at its best...

female health and wellbeing

Female Health and Wellbeing

Opening up about female health and wellbeing You don’t have to be an expert to talk about your health. We commonly discuss colds and...

theatre & cinema for hearing impaired people tips

Theatre & Cinema for the Hearing Impaired

Theatre & Cinema – Great Options for Hearing Impaired People There are more than 10 million people in the UK with some form of...