I am a level 3 qualified Pilates teacher with further qualifications in Level 3 Exercise Referral, Corrective Exercise and Senior Fitness Specialist as well as Bellydance teacher.

I work with the over 60s and many of them are over 70s. Since lockdown I have been teaching Pilates and Bellydance on zoom.  Once the lockdown started back in March I decided to start a fun dancing session which I called BellyBoogie in order to cheer us all up. I invited some of my Pilates members to join in. These are women who never thought to dance and definitely not to bellydance but they trusted me to keep them safe and have fun together.  They felt confident to dance in their own lounge or bedroom where no one is judging and no pressure of a group class if you get it wrong or go to the opposite direction. They would have never joined a live bellydance class in a studio with mirrors so this gave them an opportunity to taste something new in the comfort of their own home and for free. A complete win win  – Once the lockdown finished we continued with our session and it is now set in stone – each Monday at 5 pm we dance together for 30 minutes. We are all hooked and looking forward to our Happy Monday.

I would love to invite the readers of 50+ Magazine and website to join our session and give it a go.


its FREE

its for EVERYONE

Click here to see the BellyBoogie in action…. https://www.bellydancewithnaama.co.uk/bellyboogie


At 5.30 pm when we finish the Boogie we have Boogie Plus for those who wish to learn moves and steps in more details.

Boogie Plus is extra 30 minutes at a cost of £4 and you receive the video in case you wish to practice…….

From this fun dancing session I developed a class called “Muscles in Isolation” – this is a gentle class in order to develop our mobility and ability to isolate our muscles. This session is attended by bellydance enthusiasts and by women who have no interest in bellydancing but they do wish to improve their mobility even if it is just to be able to see more when they reverse their car……….. This class can suit women who have issues with their knees  as we are quite static and often sit for most of the class but we do work on muscles you didn’t even know you have and I am so pleased to see a major improvement in mobility of the upper body in women in their mid 70s. Its never too late to improve the health of your spine.

Since the lockdown I have organised 2 zoom shows to raise fund for Animal Rescue and we all enjoyed the shows and learned to appreciate bellydancing more than ever before.  If you want to watch the latest variety show you will find it on my bellydance website.


To Register for your FREE Bellyboogie follow this link – www.bookwhen.com/naama


Email: naama@pilateswithnaama.co.uk

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