Awarded Four Book Awards for Aging, Inspiration & Art

Why are some of us vibrant and active as we age, while others become tired and depressed? The author began exploring this enigma when she happened on the remarkable report of a woman artist enjoying the first success of her career at 102 years old.

The author, who spent most of her own life making art and showing it in museums around the world, was thrilled to learn that her favorite activity is one of the greatest remedies for aging well that exists, and she felt compelled to share the glad news with you.

One of the most surprising things is that we actually become more innovative as we age. All of us have some creativity in us. It’s just a question of finding what suits you. Dancing or singing, drawing or even learning a new language, besides being fun, helps conserve your good health and can actually lengthen your life.

One of the unexpected benefits is that these activities tend to add new friends to your life, which is rare as we get older. Because of the wisdom and experience you’ve gained over the years, the time after 50, just might be the best period of your life for creating something new. You’re freer and you have only your own pleasure to think of.

One reason you become more innovative is that you’ve gained a certain peacefulness with age and this creates fertile ground for your imagination to flourish. The abundance of self-esteem these activities bring, is nourishing to the soul and to the body. What a pleasure to find some good news in the world today. Make this a joyful Christmas with the thoughtful gift of Art & Creaky Bones. The people who honored it with four Awards think the lucky ones who receive it, will treasure this inspiring book

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