Wednesday 13 November 2019
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Are you hopping in your retirement?

By Nick Freeth, Managing Director, Retirement Homesearch

It certainly used to be the case that our potential buyers were people looking for their final home. Somewhere that they could enjoy their retirement and live for the rest of their lives.

A more recent, surprising, trend has seen more people moving from one retirement development to another – we like to call this retirement hopping- taking full advantage of the wide variety of choice there now is in the market, and proving that retirement living really doesn’t have to be about settling for what you have, but about exploring your options.

And options are a plentiful when it comes to retirement living.

Home comforts

When you first start looking for a retirement development, it may be that the actual living space (your home) is your priority – it can be quite daunting moving from a big family home to a property in a communal setting, so making sure it’s just right is often the immediate priority for our customers. Sometimes we find that people are so focused on the finishing touches of their home that they forget about the environment around them, and only realise something is missing further down the line.

Location matters

Something like a view – sea views are our most popular buyers’ request – may not have been on your radar straight away, but, as you get older and spend more time at home, ‘that view’ may become much more appealing. Equally, we know being close to local amenities is really key to residents as they get older and as mobility issues can restrict their movements, so we find that people often want to move to a more central location.

It may be that being close to family isn’t a priority when you first retire, but the older you get, the nicer it is to have family close by for practical support as well as just being able to spend more time with them. We know our residents value greatly having guest suites in their developments to accommodate family visits.

The changing face of retirement living

There’s a big difference between the older retirement developments compared to the newer ones. Developers are responding to the changes in the way people live and newer retirement developments are accommodating this – bigger social areas, more parking, and digital equipment to support residents to live happily and healthily.

We understand ‘Retirement hopping’ isn’t for everyone but if you’re intrigued by what’s out there, we’re happy to advise. You can visit:

Nick Freeth is Managing Director of Retirement Homesearch, Britain’s number one retirement property specialist.

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