Monday 27 May 2019
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Ageing Beautifully

With anti-ageing continuing to grow as a business sector giant, The Belmore Centre in Stoke Mandeville has seen growth of over 30% in clientele over the age of 50 in the last five years, including an increase of 20% of male clients over the age of 50.

As the population ages and the desire to look fabulous continues, forecasts have suggested the market will increase fourfold in the 10 years to 2024, to an annual value approaching £4 billion in Britain alone.

MD of the Belmore Centre, Caron Vetter explains the anti-ageing movement. “People don’t just want to look younger, they want to look amazing.  They want to hear about the latest treatments and products, they take great care of themselves and they are not having beauty treatments to look good for their partners but for themselves!” Vetter argues that mature women are simply better at, and more interested in looking after their skin than ever, in particular favouring full anti-ageing facials, eye treatments and eyebrow shaping at the Belmore Centre so ageing beutifully is easy.

So where do men feature in the growing mature beauty or grooming market?  Vetter says she is seeing an increase in more mature men visiting Belmore but conversely they are choosing treatments such as back massages and waxing. “Having spent 25 years in the beauty business I have seen the spectacular growth in anti-ageing treatments desired by women.  Men are catching up and there isn’t a stigma now for men who want to buy anti-ageing retail or have regular grooming or beauty treatments.”

To keep up with demand, anti-ageing treatments with immediate and dramatic anti-ageing results newly being offered at Belmore Centre, include a Diamond Peel Hand Treatment which includes microdermabrasion techniques in addition to Hydro Regulators; and a Chromatherapy Facial  which uses a combination of colour light therapy and rejuvenating gels and serums to help to boost elasticity and stimulate collagen production; CACI, the effective non-surgical facial which redefines facial contours, and plumps out deep lines and wrinkles; and Microdermabrasion combining both crystal and diamond tipped ultra-advanced facial scrub to soften skin surface irregularities, leaving a polished, smooth surface.

Caron Vetter’s anti-ageing beauty tips:-

  1. Use a moisturiser that suits your skin type rather than one which has marketed at a certain age profile.
  2. Defining your eyes brings attention away from fine lines and wrinkles, but do this with a softer shade of liner that compliments your make up as solid black lines aren’t flattering for older skin.
  3. Don’t try to cover sun spots with dark heavy foundation. Use a lighter foundation to give skin a fresher feel instead of weighing skin down.
  4. Treat your skin to regular face masks and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise at home, but have a monthly salon facial specifically designed to revitalise skin and even out your complexion.
  5. The skin on our hands often ages faster than the skin on the rest of our body so regularly moisturise hands with a strong moisturiser.   Gorgeous looking gel or Shellac nails can take years off how a woman’s hands look.

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