Thursday 23 May 2019
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Advice You’d Give Your Younger Self

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Advice You’d Give Your Younger Self

New research commissioned by Yakult, to mark its 20th anniversary in the UK, has found that 73% of over 55’s believe that doing mental exercises such as doing Sudoku keeps them young.
The OnePoll survey, commissioned by Yakult has found that nearly 84% of over 55’s in the UK also believe that starting their day with breakfast makes them more productive. Interestingly, the top five pieces of advice Brits would give their younger selves vary greatly, from saving money from a young age and having more self-belief at 51%, to exploring the world coming in fifth at 37%.

The top five pieces of advice the over 55’s would give their younger selves:

  1. Save money from a young age (51.73%)
  2. Have more self-belief (51.46%)
  3. Don’t smoke (43.41%)
  4. Do more exercise (38.70%)
  5. Travel more – there’s a whole world to explore (37.45%)

With landmark birthdays seeing all of us take stock and think about our past as well as our future, Yakult, the famous milk drink which contains a unique strain of bacteria that’s scientifically proven to reach the gut alive, has marked its second decade in the UK by challenging Brits to do precisely that.

Sonya Hayden, a spokesperson for Yakult said,

“Landmark birthdays make us all think about our past as well as the future. While building up savings and travelling more features heavily in our research, it is clear that doing little things every day to take care of ourselves also has a big impact on our lifestyles.”

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