This title is a polite way of saying ‘for older people.’ Anyone over the age of fifty has had plenty of Christmassses though, they’re usually not bothered about presents and many have everything they want and need. Yet, when you care about people, you want to show them by getting them something for Christmas, so if you need some inspiration and ideas then look no further. 


Armchair Caddy

To be honest, this is a useful gift for anyone at any age, but as you get older and start to spend more time in your armchair, it’s handy if you can grab those things you need with little effort and then you’ll always know where to find them too. Armchair caddies come in a range of different designs and colours, so you’ll be sure to find one to suit your living room and one with enough pockets for your crossword puzzle book, your phone, the TV remote and a bit of chocolate. 



For those who enjoy gardening then there are plenty of things you can get them because you can never have too many plants. If you’re not sure of what to get then there are plenty of places like Hedgeplants Heijnen who can offer advice on plants which will suit the garden and the person you’re buying for. 


Shiatsu Massager

Who doesn’t love a good massage? But you can forget paying a fortune and you don’t even need to leave the house if you get a Shiatsu Massager which is a lightweight, portable full-body massager which moulds to your body. It also comes with four different types of massages and has a heating function that soothes tired muscles and relieves aches. 


Personalised Items

Getting anything personalised is just lovely. A personalised bag with their initials on it, a personalised vase or an even a cup for their morning cuppa. Something personalised makes it unique, it makes is special and makes it personal and shows you have given some thought. 


Photo Coasters

Along the same theme as a personalised item, photo items are also brilliant presents. Coasters particularly are lovely, especially for those older relatives who use their coasters regularly and would love nothing more to see photos of their loved ones on them. They probably have plenty of photos in frames on the wall or the mantelpiece but none on the table which they can look at with little effort. Each photo coaster will trigger a happy memory that won’t fail to make your recipient fail.


Food and Drink Hampers

When someone has everything, then a safe option is to get them food and drink. If you know what they love then you can create your own hamper for them and fill it with their favourites, some treats and some essentials. But if you can’t be bothered to do that, you can find plenty of pre-made hampers at this time of year. There are hampers for chocolate lovers, cheese lovers, tea lovers, biscuit lovers or there are some with no theme at all, just lovely luxuries. 

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