Monday 27 May 2019
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8 reasons you need hardwood floors in your home

hardwood floors

If you’re looking to replace an old carpet but are in need of modern, functional and aesthetically-pleasing ideas, why not consider hardwood flooring? With an array of styles to choose from including engineered wood floors and solid hardwood floors you’re sure to be able to find something to suit your needs – so here are eight reasons why you should make the change.

1.Hardwood floors look fantastic

Hardwood floors have a classy, elegant and sophisticated appearance that can totally revive and revamp any room. Whether you opt for natural earthy shades of brown or prefer more neutral whites and greys, you can achieve the interior design of your dreams.

2.They can increase the value of your home

Believe it or not, many appraisers take hardwood floors into account when valuing your property potentially adding value to the selling price. For this reason, hardwood flooring is often seen as a worthwhile investment, particularly if you want to relocate at some point down the line.

3.They can make your property easier to sell

There are many things you can do to help your property sell such as increasing curb appeal but in terms of internal improvements, laying wooden floors will give your abode that sharp, fresh, buy-me-now appearance it desperately needs for a quick sale.

4.They naturally complement existing décor

The great thing about hardwood floors is that you won’t have to change the colour of your suite or soft furnishing as the hues and shades available tend to work perfectly with existing décor.

5.They’re easy to clean

Hardwood floors are easy to clean. They can be swept, mopped, hoovered, polishes and don’t hold onto dirt and dust like carpets do.

6.They’re great for allergy sufferers

The fact hardwood floors can be kept so sparkling is great news for allergy sufferers as they provide a hostile environment for dust mites and other allergens – unlike carpets which are not recommended for people with eczema, asthma and other skin and respiratory ailments.

7.Durable and easy to maintain

While there are many styles of hardwood flooring available, they all have one thing in common: durability. Designed to stand the test of time, hardwood will be able to cope with the traffic of your house and is also easy to maintain.

8.Hardwood flooring gives you options

Hardwood flooring is extremely versatile and suitable for use throughout your home, so whether you want to renovate the hallway or give your living room a facelift, this could be the right option for you. Similarly, laying hardwood in the kitchen, conservatory or other areas of the house where spillages are common can be a good idea seeing as hardwood is notoriously easy to clean.

If your carpet or rug is looking a bit shabby, or you simply fancy a change, hardwood could be the right option for you. Flooring of this kind has many benefits as you can see above, but it’s also relatively inexpensive to buy and, as you can order what you need based on careful measurements, there shouldn’t be any waste.

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