Improving your bathroom is something we often forget about. When your guests come round,they will more than likely visit the bathroom so keeping it looking smart can make a good impression. You can change just one part of your bathroom or have a full renovation. It both will make a big difference.


Upgrading your shower area

The shower is somewhere we spend a lot of our time so ensure that you are keeping up to date with it to give you the best shower experience. As well as updating your shower to a more powerful option it is a good idea to get a new shower tray or Wetroom Kits to improve the overall look of your shower whilst draining the water away effectively. A kit makes it easy to install and upgrade from your old one that it’s an easy way to improve your bathroom. 

Switching up the tiles

Tiles can make a huge difference to your bathroom. If your current tiles do not match your aesthetic or are looking old then upgrading them can improve the area. You could opt for larger tiles that go from floor to ceiling to secure the walls from getting damaged whilst looking clean and tidy. 

Choose alternative colours for your taps

Choosing a different tap colour has been coming into trends decently. Switching a classic silver or gold tap to a modern black for example can look sleek. You could match your light switches and door handles to your taps to bring the room together. Opting for matching details makes it look like you’ve put some thought into the room design.

Choose matching accessories

It can be easy to pick up accessories here and there but it is better if you pick the same colour for everything. This way it makes it easy when you are buying new items but also it looks like everything ties together and you’ve put effort into every detail of the room. For example having grey soap dishes and cups then having red towels will be contrasting, so switching up the towels to grey will instantly allow the room to flow better, rather than drawing your attention to one item.

Storage space

Having storage in your bathroom can be a game changer. Instead of having beauty products sitting everywhere, making it look untidy, you can organise them so it is easier to find in hidden storage. It will make the space look more minimal and instantly cleaner. As you know it’s easier to wipe a clear side rather than in and around products. Add baskets and boxes inside your storage spaces to keep things organised so you can find them quickly.

Hopefully, with this guide you will be able to improve your bathroom so you and your guests will feel at home. Use a wetroom kit to easily improve your shower area or upgrade your taps so they draw your eye because they match your other accessories such as light switches, towel rails and door handles.

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